Clean Color

The chemicals intended for everyday cleaning are sorted according to the color spectrum red, blue and yellow. The chemicals within a color spectrum were mixed at random with different compositions, each in a laboratory glass vial. In the sense of Bruno Latour, the artistic practice represents a kind of laboratory, the investigations of which draw conclusions from the sum of the observations.

Dry Cleaning
2014, glass vials with mixtures of color-sorted cleaning fluids. á 25 x 8 x ~ 16 cm.
Smart Clean Mix

2014, 108 glass tubes filled with cleaning fluids, aluminum plates, string, corks.

@ Upper Austrian Art Association Linz(AT)


The corks were removed at the opening of the exhibition, a sharp, fresh cloud of fragrance filled the room. The work “Clean Mix” was created on the occasion of the cooperation for “Clusterwolke” with Michael Wegerer. The background of the concept is formed by the thoughts of Bruno Latour, who describes the social as something momentary, as a connection between things that did not previously belong together.