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Color Piles
The static properties of acrylic paint are explored in these colored objects.
Blue Marks

2011, Acrylic paint, stacked, diameter ~ 12 cm, height variable

The work Blue Marks consists of a modular system of 20 circular areas in blue acrylic paint that are fused together. As in a game, the packages can always be stacked differently to form turrets or arranged to form tower landscapes.


2012. acrylic paint, stacked, merged, diameter~13 cm, height 22-30cm.

The adhesive strength of acrylic paint allows the thin color foils to fuse together – compact columns are created. The panes have different thicknesses – during the drying process, the pillars collapse in an uncontrollable manner.


2013, acrylic color, stapeld, height 28 cm, diameter ~ 14cm


2013, acrylic color, stapeld, diameter ~ 28 cm, height 6 cm

White Pile & Black Pile

2013, acrylic paint, stackef, height 40cm, diameter 25 cm


2018, acrylic plates, height 25 cm