This participatory art project examined the process of metamorphosis using paper in the standard size A4. All participants were asked to fold a paper offered to them and present it.

Project period: 2012 to 2014

Participation of 165 people
16 rows of folds


The artist asks people with whom she meets in the normal course of the day to be jointly responsible for an artistic process. The interviewees should be ready to fold a simple A4 piece of paper. This request abruptly interrupts the situation. The conversation is broken off and replaced with the folding action. The artist documents the folding process photographically. The folding process briefly removes both protagonists from the actual reality, the concentration on doing things together creates an unexpected and tense break from everyday life. A temporary sculpture is created, only to vanish immediately, because the artist unfolds the resulting small object immediately and gives it a consecutive number combination.



The notion of slow change underlies the following process: each folded paper is scanned and printed on a new, untouched white sheet. This expression is no longer white and untouched, but shows the traces of the previous action. For other people in a different situation, this paper becomes the new starting material for the same request and thus material for a new, small folded object.



The artist asks many people of her circle of friends to assist with her folding project. After each encounter, the result is scanned in and printed out. The archived folds that have arisen are superimposed on one another, and after a few passages, previous shadings are barely visible. The papers gradually get darker, go through peculiar color processes in order to come closer and closer to a blue. These color effects are the result of the idiosyncrasy of the scanner and printer used.

The results were prints, a video and a project website and were presented in 2014 at the Kunstverein Baden bei Wien.