30 x 30 x 30 cm, 6 wooden boxes, painted with acrylics.
The pedestal is ether a glass cube or a steel construction of the same dimensions. They can be stacked in different variations. Both the stacking order and the spatial orientation are open.

Landmark 02

Landmarks is a modular art work consisting of six painted wooden elements whose individual components can be combined in different ways, as in a game.


Originally, they are painted in a radiant strong yellow. In strict succession, this colour is disrupted by a structured grey-green – as if flat shapes were inscribing themselves diagonally into the modules. The spatial positioning of these “disrupting areas” changes minimally from section to section, like a cinematic sequence of images. The angle of penetration varies as does their expansion. Narrow Triangles of varying sizes appear on the outer surfaces. They are shapes that refer to the surrounding space through their directionality.

By rotating, but also by stacking the modules at different heights, the image – yes, it is an image in space – can be presented in different ways.



Landmark 01

 “Imagination and reality are in one space”. (Wittgenstein, Philosophical Remarks III/38)