Light Incidence

When changing the point of view, the light incident on the image surface is reflected differently. Completely different effects are produced.

Five examples of different incidence of light based on the work Corner 06


2017, acrylic, laquer, aludibond, each 50 x 50 cm.
Three broad lines come together; their directions are different and so are the brightness of the fine structure, which changes depending on the lighting.


The geometric relationships of the space-forming axes of real spaces are used as imaging elements. Due to the multi-part nature of the work, various visualizations can be made possible.


2015. acrylic, laquer, aludibond, 95 x 95 cm. Privatbesitz.
Two different lighting situations.


2016. acrylic, laquer, aludibond, 50 x 60.
Two different lighting situations.

strip 1, 2

2018,  acrylic, laquer, aludibond, each 50 x 100 cm

Mobile Reality 1, 3

2016. acrylic, laquer, aludibond, each 120 x 120 cm