Ring in a Box


Klebebandrollen, Gesso, blaue Tinte, Faden, Holzbox, 34 x 22 x 10 cm

A white ring hangs from a barely visible thread in a protective wooden box. The arrangement is reminiscent of old-fashioned pendulum clocks, as the ring swings back and forth for a long time when lightly struck….

The ring shines white, but is coloured blue in the “lower” area. A blue segment with a horizontal segment line.
The colour was not “applied” but applied by “dipping”.
High concentration and a steady hand have captured this moment of immersion. A moment that aims to slow things down.

The association with a sea level also raises questions about rising water due to global warming or the threat of extinction when fleeing across the sea. Topics that are more important than ever in 2022.