2013-2016, snimation, 9‘45‘‘
Sound Design: Peter Kollreider

A metamorphosis of paper folds. The passage of time is explored by changing a sheet of white paper.


The video is part of the participatory project “Folding” from 2013, in which the artist asked people she knew to fold a sheet of paper as they pleased. After each change, the result was digitized and printed out. The archived folds that were created were superimposed on each other, and after a few passes, the previous shading was barely visible. The papers gradually get darker, go through peculiar color processes in order to come closer and closer to a blue. In the film, some of these series are put together in a silent growth and decay.
Präsentationen der Animation

März 2014 in der Ausstellung ‘Falten und Schneiden’, Kunstverein Baden

September 2016 ‘Interventionen’, Saisoneröffnung Klangforum Wien