Working with the Gallery

2017, tape installation & corner, turned inside out

The concept of the show is about working with gallery itself, its context of showing the artworks, its architecture specificity and its equipment. Artists will throw the attraction to some points of the gallery. Not only the corners, but to a vacuum cleaner, keys, the ladder, leaves and dust too.

The tape installation of Höller draws attention to the space itself and analyses the digital presence of the „kunstraum basement“. The transformance of the virtual appearance into the real space as a re-measurement of the room and it’s history, will be placed in tape lines on the wall.
Stano Masár is starting the game with a space. He smoothly manipulates the corner to the new position/opposition.

The measurement of the room according to XYZ

A “space for art” is determinded  through its appearance in the digitale space.
Pictures for dokumentation, which are done in the years of existence of the basement and are available in the virtual net are the base for the artistic re-measurement of the exibitionspace.
The special focus lies in the 4 corners of the room.
Every photograph had a special view, the differences in these views are the content of a wall drawing.