2020, monograph, texts by Hartwig Knack and Siglinde Lang, 128 pages,
french paperback, 170 x 220 mm, german/english, edition: 600
Publishers: Hartwig Knack, Barbara Höller
ISBN 978-3-901392-82-5


Along the Line

2016 monograph, texts by Anja Werkl and Clara Kaufmann, 64 pages,
205 x 270 mm, german/english, edition: 500
Publisher: Barbara Höller
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2009, monograph, texts by Elisabeth Voggeneder and Annemarie Valenta
Publisher Barbara Höller

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Die Ordnung der Zeit

2007, folder for the exhibition in the factory Kunsthalle Krems, text by  Hartwig Knack, 215 x 215 mm
Publisher: Hartwig Knack for Kunstmeile Krems Betriebs GmbH


Barbara Höller

2005, Leporello for the exhibition in  Galerie ARS, Brno (CZ), text bay Silvia Aigner



2001,  texts by Rainer Metzger and Daniela Gregori, 240 x 210 mm, 40 pages,  german/english, edition: 800
Publisher: Barbara Höller
ISBN 3-9500246-1-1


= UND =

1994, Catalog for the exhibition in Blau Gelbe Galerie Wien, text by Maria Christine Holter, 56 pages, 270 x 230 mm,
Publisher: Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Kulturabteilung.
ISBN 3-854460-129-8


Holz, Papier

1993, Publisher: Barbara Höller Wien
ISBN 3-9500246-0-3